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Our Process
Step 01
Self - Owned Farms - Total Control!

We have our own farms that are located in Baghpath, UP across 48 acres of land. We grow organic green fodder which is free of any insecticides or pesticides. The organic green fodder consists of Wheat, Maize, Corn, Makhan Grass, Alfa Alfa along with Flax seeds, Soya, Cotton seeds, Almond hulls etc. that are also fed to the cows. This multi-nutritional fodder provides for a healthy, rich and ‘pure’ diet to our cows. We also have in-house nutritionists that control and monitor the diet of our cows and vets who take care of their health.

Our farm is installed with TMR machines – Total Meal Ration is a method of feeding the cows a uniform mixture of grains, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and other important nutrients into a single mix.

Step 02
Sheltering- Comfort for Our Cute Friends

Our cows are divided into 4 categories; milking cows, dry cows, heifer and calves and we have in-house nutritionists and vets on-board to monitor their individual diet. Providing a luxurious experience of world-class quality, our barns are especially designed to cater to all the needs of our cows. The ceilings are 30ft high to provide cross ventilation and fresh cool air. Our cows sleep like queens on comfortable loose bedding and enjoy a regal treatment. The sand for the bedding, called Bhoda sand is especially imported from Rajasthan to provide maximum comfort. It is also disinfected regularly to keep the grounds sanitized. This sand has anti-microbial activity as well! Less noisy fans of German technology are also installed at the barns along with 24*7 clean feed and water supply.

Step 03
Automated Milking Process- No Human Contact Involved!

At Purely Life, we believe that cows must not be forcefully milked. Putting our philosophy into practice, we have incorporated completely automated state-of-the-art milking facility of the German technology GEA. The cows walk into the parlor and are milked automatically by technologically advanced milking machines, without any involvement of humans. Not only this, the installed auto cut off system eliminates any chance of forceful milking. The machines are designed to sense the position of the cow and recording the necessary data which it sends back to the main system.

The milk immediately flows through the PHE pipelines and is chilled immediately to 2 C. We make sure that the parlors are all sanitized by cleaning the parlor after every milking shift.

To eliminate any contamination and remove any possible bacterial growth, teats are treated with a pre and post sanitation method. This helps the teats to close faster and prevent flies around the cows.

Step 04
Pasteurization Process- No Need for Boiling!

Our farms are equipped with PHE and within seconds our milk is pasteurized with PHE which helps maintain the quality, nutrients and the sweet taste of the milk. Within 2 minutes of milking, the milk is chilled to 2 C to eliminate even the slightest chance of bacterial growth. This chilled milk is further PASTEURIZED to make it completely safe for consumption without any need of boiling. The cold chain is maintained from farm to your doorstep and automated packaging unit is used to pack the glass bottles ready to ship. There is no addition of preservatives or chemicals to extend the shelf life of our milk.

Step 05
Packed with Perfection!

With the help of automated packing process to make the milk bottles ready to reach your doorstep, our milk is packed in glass bottles for storage and delivery. We only have 1lt packs available which reach your doorstep within a few hours of milking. Empty bottles need to be returned on the next delivery day which is then washed and sterilized to be ready for use again in the process.

Step 06
Delivering Bottle of Happiness at your Doorstep!

We have our own direct farm-to-table model with no middleman or delivery agents involved. We have our own logistics team and there is no additional delivery price added to the milk costing. We do morning deliveries between 6 am to 11 am.

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