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Our Farms

Self-owned, managed and controlled, our farms are spread over 48 acres of land, located in Bagpath, UP. Regular farm visits are conducted for our customers to enjoy our milk and understand the process and level of effort that goes behind in the making of the Purelylife’s Organic farm fresh milk.
At purely life, cows’ comfort and happiness is our top priority! To keep the cow mooing and chewing, there are a lot of facilities available-

  • Sheds that comfort every cow and caters to their needs
    1. Korean sheds for new arrivers
      A comfortable housing for our new family members! Our farm is equipped with Korean time sheds specifically and carefully designed for the new cows.
      The new cattle are kept in the barn for 1-2 weeks where they are checked for various diseases, contamination and infection before being introduced to the main herd.
      They are checked for various diseases like TB, Brucella, FMD, JD etc.
      This shed is equipped with 24*7 fresh water and feed supply along with comfortable Bhoda Sand bedding to make our new members feel welcomed!
    2. Luxury Suites for our Cows
      After a proper medical checkup and lab clearance, cows enter our luxury barns which have been specially designed to cater to every minute need of our cute friends!
      The barn is equipped with 30 ft high ceilings to provide cross ventilation and fresh air which further promotes voluntary intake of feed and water.
      These sheds don’t let bad odor accumulate inside the barn. To provide further comfort, we have installed German technology fans with less noise to provide cooling to the animal.
      Comfortable loose bedding made from specially imported Bhoda sand from Rajasthan. This sand provides cotton like comfort to the cows and as an added advantage has anti-microbial activity as well!
      The sheds are equipped with massagers and scrubbers for cows which help in improving their blood circulation to give them a luxury spa like treatment and provide comfort!
      The shed is also equipped with 24*7 fresh water and feed
    3. Sick cows
      For the cows that are not feeling so well or needing treatment, we have different a barn, where our vets monitor their health and work tirelessly to make them recover well and quickly.
      There is a withdrawal period as defined by the standard government milking norms where until the withdrawal period of the cow is not over the milk is discarded and not used in the normal milking cycle.
      Consumption of milk from a cow being treated with antibiotics can make you resistant to the medicines in future and your health matters to us as well!
  • Ingrown Green Fodder
    Organic is the mantra at Purely Life and we religiously try to stand by the same.
    We grow organic green fodder of the highest quality for our cows free from any insecticides, pesticides or urea!
    Wheat, Maize, Corn, Makhan Grass, Alfa Alfa are a few of the ingrown organic green fodder.
    Our farms are installed with TMR machines – Total Meal Ration is a method of feeding the cows a uniform mixture of grains, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and other important nutrients into a single mix.
  • Monitoring
    Understanding the need of our cows was really important to us and our health monitoring tags landed just in time to solve the problem.
    Each cow is equipped with a monitoring collar, designed to analyze and monitor individual cow from activity to rumination. This collar is the SCR software imported specially from Israel.
    This system successfully delivers the heat, hunger needs, health, nutrition insights, cows need, and information pertaining to their nutrition and wellbeing status on an individual or a heard basis.
  • Milking Parlor
    Completely automated state of the art milking facility available straight from the German technology GEA.
    Our milking plant prevents contamination by being the most technologically advanced milking machine! The machine is capable of sensing the position of the cow and recording the necessary data which it sends back to the main system. There is an auto cut off system in place to ensure there is no forceful milking.
  • Pasteurization, Packaging and Sterilization Unit
    PHE equipped farm which pasteurizes the milk within seconds to maintain the quality and taste of the milk.
    We also have automated packaging and sterilization unit to pack the glass bottles ready to ship.
  • Going Green!
    Additionally, we do Organic Vegetable Farming and processing of Vermicompost (Kechua Manure)
    You are most invited to spend a day at our daily farm enjoying a wholesome glass of fresh milk and understand the process of making this bottle of happiness.

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