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Organic Milk
Do you know
what really goes inside your milk?

Organic milk differs from conventional milk in three specific ways: it must come from cows that aren’t treated with antibiotics, it must come from cows that are not given any hormones for growth or reproduction, and it must come from cows that receive at least 30% of their diet from pasture.

What people don’t know about readily available pouch milk in the market is that milk obtained from small dairies and farmers is collected at cheap rates, processed, packaged and sold to us.

Contaminated milk is sold to us as the cattle is bred in the most unhygienic conditions in most dairies of NCR region. The farmers are forced to feed cheaper fodder and imbalanced diet to their cattle since the price of the milk given to the farmers is so low. This vicious cycle trying to maintain the economic balance keeps going on and on.

Small farmers all over India feed their cattle with dry fodder which if full of fertilizers, chemicals and pesticides. They are forced to purchase low-grade fodder, which results in unhealthy cattle – and ultimately low-quality milk produce because they are paid a miniscule amount for their labour.

Dry feed has very little nutrition; so in order to increase the protein value of this fodder, 14 Kg urea is added to 400 Kg of fodder and stored for 10 days. This increases the protein value by 200% but at the same time contaminates the milk yield with cancerous chemicals.

Banned by the government and harmful chemical Oxytocin, is being freely used to increase milk production by an animal. When Oxytocin is used in cattle, it even causes pus and infection in the blood. In the name of treatment or to enhance milk production, steroids, painkillers, antibiotics and other drugs that are introduced to cattle which make the milk unfit for human consumption.

Contaminated water sourced from canals, wells and ponds is added to milk which makes the quality of the milk poor and unhealthy.

Immediately packaged after milking, our milk is completely free from preservatives and chemicals. Recommended by vets and veterinary scientists, our cows are fed top quality balanced diet with a special focus on the correct amount and ratio of carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. High quantity of calcium phosphate, in the correct ratio, along with vitamin D3 is given on a regular basis to enrich the quality of the milk produced.

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