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welcome to Purely Life

From our family farm right to your doorstep.
who we are?

A team of passionate people who consider delivering milk not just a business but a service. We own and manage our own farms, bringing bottles of absolute purity of Organic Milk, right to your doorstep.

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how we work?

We own and manage our own farms, where cows graze on organically grown fodder. With German based completely automated milking process, our milk is free of any preservatives and chemicals, packaged and ready to be delivered.

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what we grow?

Our Organic Milk is a product of feeding ingrown green fodder without any insecticides or pesticides to our cows. We organically grow Maize, Alfalfa, Makhan Grass on our lands to prepare wholesome meal for them.

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Benefits of Purely Life Milk

Purely Life’s Organic Cow Milk has about 70% more heart-healthy Omega 3 essential fatty acids than regular milk which helps to reduce the risk of heart disease, inflammation, eczema, cancer, and arthritis. It is free from any added preservatives, Aflatoxin (fungus). Packed with the power of Calcium, our milk helps in building stronger bones and maintains bone mass. It is has more Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), which increases body’s metabolic rate, immunity and muscle growth. It reduces cholesterol and allergic reactions and also fights cancer. A source of Selenium, our milk is sourced from cows that are fed organic selenium which helps improve eye health, prevents UV damage and ill effects of free radicals. It also contains tasteful combination of other antioxidants, giving our milk a delicious taste that stands out.

An incredible source of vitamins, our milk contains the health benefits of Vitamin E which is useful in delaying signs of ageing and Vitamin B12 which ensures a healthy count of red blood cells and nerve tissues. Filled with Vitamin A which provides strong eyesight, increases resistance to infection, good skin etc. a glass of Purely Life is a delicious drink of healthy goodness.

We love our clients
I am an athletic person and I was looking for protein-packed milk. One of my gym buddies told me about Purely Life. Being a sceptical person, I visited the farm too, I was blown away by the level of perfection that goes into the process of ensuring purest and healthiest milk.
Suhani Virmani Teacher
When I tried Purely Life, I instantly knew I had found ‘The Milk' for my entire family. My kids love the fact that they can simply unscrew the cap and drink directly from the bottle!! It has actually replaced the unhealthy fizzy drinks in my home. As a homemaker, I wouldn't compromise on quality, and so I thank Purely Life for taking care of my entire family's good health.
Bobby Gupta Homemaker
Growing up, I had tried farm fresh milk and I must say after so many years of searching for the same old taste of deliciousness, I had finally found the sweet taste of nostalgia in Purely Life. No other milk comes close to its delectable taste.
Tahir Sukhija Photographer
One of my friends recommended Purely Life to me. I tried once and have to admit, I am hooked! From the polite staff that delivers, their packaging, the health benefits of organic milk and the sweet taste of farm fresh milk, the complete experience was amazing!
Kanishka Chanda Journalist
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